House beautiful

When I read design magazines – which is rarely – I have noticed that, at least in France, they place their “design” objects in houses that have vaulted ceilings, beautiful beams or hundred year old walls.   The object in that setting all of a sudden looks SO COOL.

IMG_3299The thing is when you ask yourself,  “What would that look like in MY house?” Your answer is often, “not as cool.”  My ceilings are rarely vaulted… I have left behind my beams and hundred year old walls for an ordinary little house with a garden.

So here’s my story:

the beautiful old house… I was there last weekend and  everything I set down suddenly looked SO COOL.

I went to visit a wonderful artist friend of mine in her jewel of a house in a teeny village in the mountains.  I set my offering -we were having lunch together- on her mother’s counter and it suddenly looked like House Beautiful.  I thought … (lightbulb moment) this is how advertising works.

Suddenly my bottle looked really cool. So here it is.  Ventilo in a beautiful kitchen.  And then I couldn’t help adding my eye candy photos of her house.

My sink at home looks like that.. and there are the beams…
Nina found a box of marbles under the windowsill
there’s a swing in the living room – and the orange chairs…
Bracelets – I’m sure they’re hand dyed and felted – on the chandelier
Felted rocks – very heavy and fuzzy – so strange to hold
felted knots

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