Canopy management





Field trip!  Vineyard post.  There are some very exciting moments in vineyard life.  I’m not sure that this would qualify as one of them.  I have been doing what I am going to call “canopy management” for lack of a better term.  It’s taming wild vines – making order of chaos.

(photo 1) – The vine – this is a syrah – is on its trellis but it is doing pretty much what it wants – shoots everywhere .. it’s a mess.  Syran is known for needing help holding up its canes, hence the trellis, but it needs me too.  I come along and pull the shoots back in the retaining wires and hop! (as they say here) it becomes photo 2.

(photo 2) – This tidy little vine has had all of its long shoots put neatly back inside the trellis wires.   It also means that in a few weeks if I left this poor syrah looking like photo 1 the tractor would break those shoots off driving down the row.   In photo 2 we keep all the leaves to ripen the grapes with no tractor breakage.

Such a deal, I know.  When I was doing it it made me think of trying to get Lili’s hair into a pony tail (Lili age 5).  In the vineyard the shoots sometimes break, which is not fun, but at least the vine never gets mad and says, “Mom, you’re hurting me!”

Here’s another one:




Chaos! it has tied a knot in itself – it needs me!

vrille knot
Just reaching out for another shoot… until I come along.

vrille sky

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