Check it OUT!

And I thought that getting barcodes was full on.  Now, for the next 5 days you can receive a case of Oiseau 2009 anywhere in France just by clicking “je commande”on

What is great about this contact is that it all started in a hot tub.

It’s not what you think.

I have a fantastic friend who sells lots of wine for a living.  She and I – with a small group of girlfriends – had left the men and all of our many children at home and had gone to lunch and a spa.  I know – it was SO great!

Since my friend is so knowledgeable about the wine trade, as we were lounging in the bubbles, I asked her some questions.

In passing she said  – “You really should contact Vente à la Proprieté – if only because the guy I’m in contact with is SO charming.”

I like charming – so Monday I called him and he WAS charming. He had a very fancy aristocratic name and was very fun to talk to – which, sadly isn’t always the case in the wine trade.

It turns out that Mr fancy name is associated with a very reputable somelier who liked our wine (of course he liked our wine – what’s not to like ?! ) and now for 5 days only our little Oiseau is for sale on the national market.

The moral of the story is: it’s all about the hot tub.

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