Lunch with the arty crowd

I love to cook.  I had a friend come by the other day when I was doing something other than cooking in the morning- lunch is the big meal in France- and she was shocked. So I when a musician friend  asked me to cook for an artist’s residency – just at lunch – at my house – for 10 days – I said yes really really fast.

To start off with the artists were friends I wanted to see anyway and then they were going to pay me to cook.  (I’m cooking anyway!)

It was actually a little bit of a challenge.  There was dancing involved in their residency so I needed them to feel like they had eaten well but not like a nap would be a necessity.  It’s really a fine line.

I made lots of salads. I bought lots of great produce from friends who make and grow all kinds of delicious things – I read lots of cookbooks – and it was REALLY fun.  The hard part was being on time.  Then again for people who know me that comes as no surprise.

They started off drinking water but that got looser as time went on (as you can see in the photo of the last day, above).

After all of these lunches came show time. The Colline de l’hirondelle hosted the drinks that followed the presentation of their work in progress ( courageous -poetic – I can’t wait to see the end result) and then there was wine!


And then we had a party at our house.  To celebrate.


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