“Liberation” – an appropriately named French newspaper – did a special report on women in wine in France.  You can see it here (in French) – or here (in translation – half way down the page). Isabelle Legeron, above, one of only 3 French Masters of Wine said she likes the creative work of winemakers she finds under the labels Vin de France, Vin de Table, and Vin de Pays.  She even calls the AOC prehistoric. I’m a fan.


We chose to label our wines Vin de France and not in the famous AOCs for the following reasons:

Ventilo – pure Chenançon – grape that is not included in any appellation anywhere and is BEAUTIFUL – it’s also a varietal wine – AOC’s must be blends

Cocolico – 40% beautiful Chenançon

Oiseau 2011 – 7% beautiful Chenançon

Carignan 1515 – Varietal 100% Carignan – it’s also a Non Vintage – each blend has a certain amount of the following year’s Carignan goodness to give it that little “sumpum sumpum”

None of them would have been possible if we wanted to produce them as AOC wines.


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