La Joupatière

This is La Joupatière.  It’s a really really old acre of vineyard that we saved from being pulled up, and yes that’s me, trying to be as tall as that vine. It’s really tall.


Proof – we are both pretty much average height

Didier and I have wanted to have someone come and identify all of the grape varieties in la Joupatière for a while. Yesterday, it turns out, was the day.


We had a meeting with the Ampelograph – I know, new word for me too – with the grape variety man, yesterday.  He looked like a cross between José Bové and Indiana Jones, gray mustache, leather hat and all.

Our meeting was scheduled at the vineyard at 2:30pm. It was over 100°F yesterday at 2:30. In a vineyard. With no shade. And no wind. I’ve never been to Egypt – but I think I can almost take the Indianna Jones reference one step further.  Thankfully there were no snakes.

The Ampelograph was a  really cool guy, who used lots of specific grape terms.  When he was unsure, which was almost never, he marked “Inconnu” (unknown) on the lablel.


As it stands – the official variety count in La Jouparière is 13:

(I’ve photographed some of the weirder ones).


Grenache Noir
Carignan (several types / plusieurs sortes)
Morrastel Boucher
Terret Noir
Terret Gris

Terret Blanc


Olivette Blanche


Grand Noir de la Calmette


Unknown 1 / Inconnu 1


Unknown 2 / Inconnu 2


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