I had to go to Toulouse yesterday to deliver wine.  That is the official story and I’m sticking to it.  The details are admittedly a little more fun.

Didier and I met a very cool couple when we were selling wine at a farmers’ market at the Cité de Carcassonne. They both had bright colored glasses frames – he had a waxed mustache and must be thirty, thirty-five maybe.  So daring!

So the daring couple liked our wine.  We liked the daring couple.  It also happens that the daring couple is opening a restaurant in Toulouse…you see where I am going with this…

So yesterday, I drove 160 miles (round trip) to deliver 4 bottles of wine – free samples, to Mr. waxed mustache, we can call him Philippe, because that’s his name, and fab orange glasses, Sarah. Their restaurant is totally under construction.  Its official sign is taped to the window with scotch tape. (see photo)

I am loving this.

I went to such great lengths to get our wine to Sarah and Philippe because I had a cunning plan. I had not come to Toulouse alone…

en terrace

It had been 12 years since I had spent a day in Toulouse.  I called Alice and Kat weeks ahead of time. We figured out how to get all of our blonde girl-children fed at lunchtime without their moms and we were off.


We went to a café to have lunch under beautiful shady trees. We drank Perrier and cold rosé and ate quiche and meat pies.  I will spare you any incriminating photos of the many pairs of gorgeous shoes that were tried on.

So all in all it was very hard work (while Didier was in Douzens, spreading 20 tons of compost on the vineyards with a rake)!….

place occitanie
and then to top it all off we had ice cream

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