Cowgirl picnic

Saturday we were invited to a picnic organized by a friend who raises cattle…you know, a cowgirl. We met up with her in a tiny village in the back of beyond and then followed for at least a half an hour up a dirt road to the plateau where she has her cows.  I’m thinking picnic. Blankets on the ground. Sandwiches. I was a little off.

We ate lots of raw beef with capers.  THE beef… from THE cows (see photo with the future cowgirl).  It was memorable.
We had to taste a lot wonderful (mostly) local wine… Domaine de Beaujeu , our Ventilo 2011, Petites Mains from Domaine de Regazel, a wine from Augergne and a Merlot from Domaine de Roquenégade.  
which took awhile…
Meanwhile Lili’s answer to the question “What do you want to do when you grow up?” was rapidly changing from “painter” (the usual response) to “cowgirl.” 
Lili vachère

And just because it’s beautiful, the view from the composting toilets.  I’m thinking that I might want to be a cowgirl too when I grow up. 


Vue toilettes sèches

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