Barcodes !

I recently got a “we need barcodes on the bottles” e mail from Doug, our US importer and distributer.  I have to admit I had mixed feelings about the whole barcode thing.  

On one hand, I thought “wow, we are for real now!” People will be carrying the bottle above to a check-out counter somewhere and it will be BEEPED through.  What a step.  
It’s an even bigger step when I think about my first trip home with 24 of our bottles in my luggage.  Their labels had been printed on our printer at home and glued on the bottles with milk (an excellent glue by the way).     On the other hand, we — the milk labelers – have BARCODES! We do EVERYTHING the long labor-intensive way.   It’s a shock to be so efficient, so modern.  At least the shock was tempered by the fact that the first batch had to be barcoded by hand one by one because we had already printed barcode-less labels….not so efficient, not so modern!

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