The Belgian plumber

Antoine and Béa (our Belgian friends) with the daring couple in Toulouse

At the beginning of the summer I delivered some wine to La Marée Gourmande, a little restaurant in Toulouse.  It was mostly an excuse to go shopping and out to lunch with my girlfriends.

When the little restaurant ordered two cases of wine we were faced with the same delivery problem we had had before (Toulouse is an hour and a half drive from here).

This time a different solution fell into our laps in the form of a Belgian couple who showed up at the winery.  They were REALLY fun and when we discovered they were going to the Toulouse train station – not far from La Marée Gourmande – we asked them to deliver the two cases.  We had known them about hour when they left with the two cases of rosé in their trunk and the promise that they would take a photo when they delivered the wine.


IMG_3609Not only did they deliver the wine and take a picture, but Antoine came back to the winery a few days later to help us bottle our late harvest sweet wine.  You might recognize him in the group photo from the Lunch with the Arty crowd (it should have read the arty crowd + hilarious Belgian plumber).   He left his card.  If anyone in the greater Brussels area needs a plumber, don’t hesitate.

plombier masqué

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