Cirl Bunting

Introducing the cheese man – Matthieu – pictured above.  I’m sure he has just said something clever — he has an “I’ve said something clever” look his face.  He sells his divine  goat cheese at the Montlaur market – his stand is next to mine.

Matthieu wasn’t always a goat herder. In a previous life he was an ornithologist.  That means TAKE CARE mentioning birds in his presence – you’ll get details you never imagined people could want to know.

All that to say that the bird’s eggs sighted in the syrah have been identified and photographed, even.  Drum roll…the little brown bird living in the vineyard is a Cirl Bunting.  Here it is. Picture by Matthieu the bird man – now cheese man (but still really the bird man at heart).

Our wine has a bird on it so when the bird story came up – I couldn’t help myself.


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