Harvest breakfast

breakfast – there’s a tablecloth on that tractor

When we are harvesting Didier is in charge of a lot of things: the tractor – the bins – the buckets – clippers- harvesters- I could go on…

I am in charge of breakfast. Breakfast doesn’t sound like a big deal but don’t be fooled! Traditionally there is a very copious breakfast that lasts AT LEAST a half an hour associated with harvesting. The harvesting team is counting on me! Breakfast is a VERY important thing.
The morning routine – complete with the purchase of fresh bread daily – is timed down to the minute and repeated pretty much every day for 10 days.

So when we were harvesting the plot called “hirondelle” there was a GLITCH in this well-oiled machine!

I had everything ready – paté, dry sausage, smelly cheese, fresh baguette, a thermos of coffee, WINE, glasses, cork screw…. you get the idea –  I got into the car with my heavy basket and the battery was dead.  I went to start the vineyard van and the battery was ALSO dead.

That’s 2 dead batteries in 5 minutes.

The team NEEDED their breakfast, and I NEEDED to harvest grapes –  so here is the vehicle that assured the delivery of harvester number 7 and breakfast.

sunrise bike

The light was amazing.
La lumière était incroyable.

PS:breakfast val

breakfast photo #2 – that time the car started

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