Barbecue in the vineyards

We’re finishing up pruning! To break up the hours of hard labor we sometimes have barbecues in the vineyards.  Here we did some pruning (not a lot) in the old vineyard La Joupatière with  Nick Ryan,  Aussie wine writer and Belinda Heinrich.


vines barbac

Didier uses the vine cuttings to make bundles as a filter in the vats.  It is tied on the inside in front of the spigot  so it won’t get stopped up.  The cutting bundles work better than the  stainless filters you can buy so we, and many others, still use them.  When we are done with them we dry them and then they give that little sum’em sum’em to the barbecue.



Visit to the site of the future house and winery.  View from my future kitchen above!


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