Shelf Talkers Massachusets style

I went to visit my uncle in Somerville and, as “work research” (I’m standing by that), went to the local wine store, a couple of times.  My uncle is one of the funniest people I know – and weirdly, this was the funniest wine store I’ve come across.  My enthusiastic uncle told the guy at the counter that I make wine.  The guy, equally enthusiastic, told me to come back to meet their buyer the next day.  “You can’t miss him,” he said.  “He’s the guy covered in tattoos.”  This is a WINE store we are talking about.

PS. My favorite is the last one.

2012-12-19 02.17.34
2012-12-19 02.18.16

2012-12-19 02.20.54

2012-12-19 02.22.44

2012-12-19 02.27.59

Yes this exists! Who knew. I think there is ample detail on the following “The Vegan Vine” sign.
2012-12-19 02.28.06

2012-12-19 02.27.20

2012-12-19 02.15.43


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