Montlaur market

Last Tuesday was my last market day in Montlaur for the season.  In honor of that last day – here are some photos of warmer times.  We do two markets a week all summer.  Tuesday afternoon in Montlaur (pictured) and Saturday morning in Lagrasse (photos coming soon).  They are both my favorite market. Montlaur is closer and smaller – that’s pretty much the whole market pictured above.  There’s a pizza van, fruit, a general cheese van and a shady rotisserie van on the other side of the road, but as for the farmers in the farmer’s market – you’re lookin’ at it – and it’s great.

It takes place in front of the school, in front of the bench full of wise-cracking old folks – ladies on the right and gentlemen (I use the word in it’s most universal sense) on the left.


Nina’s helping us do a tasting here … such an action shot. I’m going in with the bottle – Didier is reaching for the opener….


It looks like I’m hanging out chatting with my friend Pavé but you would be wrong to underestimate  the power meeting that is going on here …

Didier and Pavé LOOK like they’re loafing on a bench but don’t be fooled – Pavé is a trained salesman and he gave us pointers all afternoon.

Pavé’s wave bottle set-up.  You laugh, but the next Saturday in our bigger market we sold TWICE as much wine as we usually sell, using Pavé’s tips.  All that from a guy in board shorts hanging out on a bench.


PS. What I really love about the market, other than the gnome seller, is that I get all of my wonderful organic veggies from Mr. Organic Veggie, Luc – the gnome seller’s father, and my bread and cheese from other friends.  And we shoot the shit and laugh a lot – and it’s great.


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