CT Tastings!

Freezing cold outdoors views of the famous Fountainhead wine shop in Norwalk CT!

Here’s the whole family in Fountainhead wine shop with Mark our buddy … a card-carrying member of the Colline’s American team! And yes all of those bottles are ours.  The Colline takes the US by storm!!

…so Did set her up for her close up with the wine named at the same time she was.  ( Lili actually wanted HER to be named Cocolico – that was Lili’s contribution to our LONG list of names for Nina.  Lili was convinced that Cocolico was THE name for her sister so her parents – to avoid sadness and scenes decided that the Lili’s beautiful name would be perfect for our new wine – Thanks Lili) –>
Such a close up.

In very good company – with our friends from Peterson Winery!

Lili with the wine she named. (Cocolico is a mix of cock-a-doodle-doo and the name of the little red poppy so common in France – with a flashy orange label the color of the California Poppy! Such a story!)

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